VIP Club Membership

VIP Club members are awarded our lowest prices, FREE shipping* and exclusive monthly special offers. VIP members receive automatic monthly shipments, are welcome to change their orders each month, may cancel at any time* and there are no fees. This is the perfect plan for anyone who uses our products on a regular basis! Club members enjoy the freshest products, stock only what they need and enjoy the maximum in savings! Start experiencing all the advantages of being a VIP Club Member - Call us today and set up your VIP membership!

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VIP Club Member – Details


Lowest Price

VIP Club members receive our deepest discount on all products and exclusive monthly specials (these are in addition to our regular monthly sale offers). Combined with FREE shipping means VIP Club members enjoy the maximum in savings!



VIP Club members enjoy FREE shipping on all orders of 3+ bottles of OneLifeUSA and/or PC Nutrition brand products. Those who wish to place monthly orders for less than the 3 bottle minimum are charged a nominal VIP shipping of $2.99. VIP´s are welcome to add any Brabec Basics or Kosher products to their orders (although these do not count toward the 3 bottle minimum for FREE shipping).


Always and Only Fresh Products 

VIP membership means you´ll receive the freshest products delivered to you each month. Order only what you need. No more buying bulk or ’buy 2, get 3 free’ – just to save the $´s and then throwing out what you couldn´t use before the expiration date! VIP´s always have the freshest products and save the most $´s!


FREE Membership

VIP Club membership is ’fee free’ - no fee to join, no cancellation fee and no monthly fee! As a joining member, we only ask that you receive three consecutive monthly orders. After that, you may cancel at any time (no strings attached).  


Flexible Ordering

VIP´s are welcome to change their orders each month. This allows members to take advantage of changing monthly specials, place orders only for what´s needed and maximize your savings. VIP members can change their monthly orders online, send an email or call on the phone. It´s easy, flexible and saves $´s.

*Free shipping on all orders with 3+ bottles of OneLifeUSA and/or PC Nutrition brands products. Cancel any time after 3 consecutive monthly orders.  


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