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December VIP Order Form

Select the items you would like in your VIP shipment. Use the box to the left of each description to select the quantity of each that item. You must include your name and email address before clicking submit. Quick find - Use search box, upper left.

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Qty Product Price
Save $2 OFF Flaxseed Oil 1000mg - Veg Cap (Limit 1, December) $9.99
-Save $1 OFF Liver Health (Limit 1, December) $7.99
Save $1 OFF Collagen 750 (Limit 1, December) $11.99
Save $2 OFF DHEA (Limit 1, December) $6.99
-One Life Vitamins and Supplements 
Advanced Anti-Oxidant with Echinacea and Garlic #1 Seller$9.49
Advanced Pros Plus Non-GMO $12.99
B Optimal$12.49
Black Walnut Green Hull, Extra Strength, Liquid Non-GMO $8.49
CalPlus Complex& Absorbate +Mag and Vit. D Non-GMO $11.99
Calm Sleep - Non-GMO $13.99
Candida Balance Targets Candida Yeast Overgrowth Non-GMO $11.99
Candida Balance Kit (Complete 2 step cleanse kit) $22.99
Cloves - Pure Form $11.99
Colon Clear Gentle yet effective Non-GMO $12.79
Coral Calcium Non-GMO - Marine based Calcium+ 72 trace minerals $11.99
CoEnzyme Q-10 (100mg soft gel cap) $18.99
Daily Multiple 'Ultimate' Complete Vits & Mins (Now VEGAN) $21.99
Flaxseed Oil 1000mg - Veg Cap $11.99
Joint Flex ** Now with 100 Caps & more MSM ** Non-GMO $13.99
Kids Multi Gummy $12.99
Liver Health (Gluten FREE, Veggie Caps) Non-GMO $8.99
ProBalance(5.75 Billion Probiotics, Veggie Caps) Non-GMO $9.99
-Something for Men Non-GMO $10.99
Something For Women Non-GMO $10.99
Something Smells Fishy $10.49
TURBOtics -PreBiotic & ProBiotic Non-GMO $25.99
Vision Guard Non-GMO $14.99
Wormwood $8.49
-PC Nutrition
Blood Sugar Matrix$12.99
Cardio One$21.99
Choless Support$12.99
Collagen 750 Non-GMO$12.99
DHEA Non-GMO$8.99
Digest Ultra Pro Non-GMO$16.99
Ginkgo Biloba$6.99
Hair, Skin & Nails Gummy$14.99
Hemp Seed Oil$12.99
MegaBalance(30 Billion Probiotics, Veggie Caps)Non-GMO$26.99
Mind Focus$16.99
ParaD Non-GMO$12.99
Power C-1000 $12.69
Zinc Lozenge with Black Elderberry Vitamin C & Echinacea$12.99
Balanced Boost Kit$19.97
Candida Balance Kit (Complete 2 step cleanse kit) Non-GMO $22.99
Original Para Kit$28.77
Post Cleanse Kit$32.97
Original Para Kit Plus Complete Cleanse$59.97
15 Week Maintenance Kit$54.77
ParaD Kit$19.99
-Brabec Basics
B12 1000mcg - Chewable Cherry Flavor$5.19
Daily 'Basic Multiple' Liquicaps $14.99
Green Tea -98% Polyphenols$4.99
Magnesium 500$5.19
Omega-3 180mg EPA + 120mg DHA$6.99
Turmeric 750 + Bioperine$15.99
Vitamin D3 + K2 (chewable)(limit 2)$7.19
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This form is for current or new VIP customers only.  Submitting an order using this form acknowledges that you understand the terms and conditions of the VIP auto ship program.  If you have questions,  call 1-888-227-1937 or read about the VIP program by clicking on the VIP bottom from our home page,

Any specials not shown on this VIP order form, can only be ordered within the regular shopping cart. They cannot be added to VIP orders. However, our VIP’s are very important to us. We want to let you know that at anytime you prefer the items found online ( in shopping cart) over the items found on the VIP order form, please feel free to place your VIP order as a regular shopping cart order. Please be sure to put a note in the ‘customer comment’ section to count that regular order as your monthly VIP order. Additionally, regular shopping cart prices and shipping will apply (you will be charged as shown in the shopping cart). If you wish you July also place as many additional orders as you wish during the month, using the regular online shopping cart. You can decide. Take advantage of the best pricing for your needs. Whether it's a VIP order form or a regular shopping cart order, or a combination of both... that's a great priviledge of being a member of the VIP club!



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