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What supports a good balanced gut flora?

A Family Company

Over 35 years ago, our founder began her battle against a deadly cancer diagnosis. Her road, to an unlikely recovery, was tough, long and life changing for not only her, but her entire family. Her experiences brought lessons learned and an intense appreciation for her health.

OneLifeUSA. A Better Vitamin Company

Why is our quality and testing better?

Effective products rely on quality across the board: Quality ingredients, manufacturing, equipment, research and development teams. With vitamins, it's difficult for the consumer to determine a product's quality. There are no raw material ratings, FDA inspection reports, manufacturing equipment reviews, etc, posted on vitamin labels. We want you to know our standards of quality. Once you do: We know you'll become a dedicated OneLifeUSA customer!

Superior Raw Materials:

The Basics:

  • At OneLifeUSA we apply science to nature. This basic principle yields quality products that produce results.
  • We Microbatch (think microbrew) manufacture in small batches that sell quickly, so you receive fresher vitamins.
  • Our formulating, compounding, encapsulating, bottling, and labeling are done in FDA registered, GMP certified US labs (translated – the highest rated labs and always in the USA).

Superior Raw Materials:

  • Quality products are not possible without superior raw materials. As a select MicroBatch manufacturer, with a Farm to Tablet approach, we have access to premium quality harvests allowing our selections of quality over quantity.
  • Our quality standards not only apply to our raw ingredients, but also to our ingredient vendors (all are pre-qualified).
  • Every ingredient must have a certificate of analysis, is quarantined upon arrival and undergoes inspection before use.

Significant Processing:

  • Processing procedures are perhaps the most significant in terms of insuring product quality.
  • Small batch(microbatch) production means quick product turnover, which in turn means fresher products for our customers.
  • All products are tested and inspected at multiple intervals along the manufacturing procedure- not only meeting but often exceeding FDA requirements.
  • Strict follow up analysis verifies the potency and contents are accurate.

Premium Research and Development:

  • This is perhaps our biggest advantage over others and our premium strength.
  • Because of our years of experience and long standing in this industry, we have solid industry relationships. We know the territory.
  • Our R & D team is well schooled, long standing and brings considerable experience to the table. Thus, allowing for successful evaluation of ingredient combinations and effective formulations.
  • Our dedication to innovation combined with technical know-how results in custom blended products that are known for providing the best balance between science and nature.

Bottom Line:

Our commitment to quality is something you deserve and something we expect of ourselves. Attention to detail and cost-effectiveness comes from our expertise, NOT cutting corners. Our customers are important to us and we appreciate your business. If at anytime we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

dr. clark parasite shopsafeSHOP SMART: Perhaps one the most common questions I am asked is: How did we select the ingredients for this kit? We didn't. This kit is based solely on the research and recommendations of Dr. H. Clark. We were quite fortunate to have Dr. Clark personally come to our lab and work directly with us. Her input insured these products were made according to her strict standards and that the final results met her specifications.

Dr. Clark's published books are quite comprehensive and provide hundreds of case studies. It is understood that the results from her studies represent only her study participants, and cannot be expected for everyone.

To Your Health, Kim Puffenbarger, President OneLifeUSA

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