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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to change my diet or should I expect changes in my daily routine during these cleanses?

Simple answer: No. Diet can remain as usual.

I want to make sure that I am getting the ingredients for the Original Para Kit prepared the way Dr. Clark intended, what should I look for?

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Have you ever changed the formula from what Dr. Clark personally and directly set up with OneLifeUSA?

Simple answer: NO

dr. clark parasite shopsafeSHOP SMART: suggests you to seek the advice of a qualified professional for your health concerns. As you, with guidance from your health care professional, decide on the vitamins and dietary supplements that would be beneficiary for you, we hope that your selections include OneLifeUSA products. Your business is appreciated and your satisfaction is important to us.

Is your lab certified and inspected by the FDA?

As a GMP certified lab (highest standard) we are registered with the FDA and are subject to unannounced inspections. We fully comply with their standards and work with them to implement new FDA guidelines as they are mandated.

Do you test these ingredients for heavy metals, bacteria (like E.coli and Staphylococcus)?

Absolutely, ingredients are tested and must pass for: bacteria (including Staphylococcus and E.coli), yeast and mold. All ingredients must pass a mineral and metal analysis. This includes a heavy metals test for lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. Additionally, potency verification of each ingredient is confirmed and the fill weight of each capsule is confirmed to match the ingredient contents.

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Why is your Black Walnut Tincture dark green… almost black? Especially when Dr. Clark says in her book, the way to tell that the tincture is fresh and has been made from green hulls is if it is light green in color.

The instructions in Dr. Clark’s books refer to making her Black Walnut Tincture and its specified light green color is only applicable when the product is being made in a home kitchen. When the green hulls of the walnut are pressed by hand (as described in her books) – the resulting liquid is a light green color. When these same green hulls are pressed in a commercial lab using heavy equipment, the result is a dark green colored liquid. It is very easy to add a few drops of vitamin C to the liquid and turn it a light green color. We choose not to this, as it is not part of Dr. Clark’s formula. We are quite confident in our Black Walnut Tincture and its compatibility to Dr. Clark’s intended standards, as she personally came to our lab to oversee the commercial manufacturing of her products and approved this Black Walnut product. When this tincture is manufactured in a commercial laboratory, scientific testing indicates the validity of the product, not color. Our product is a double maceration (Double strength) at a 1:1 ratio of gm herb to ml menstruum (1/2 teaspoon contains extractives from 2,500 mg fresh plant material) – just a specified by Dr. Clark herself.

Why don’t you make the Black Walnut Tincture in a larger size? One ounce is not very much when trying to use this for long term maintenance.

Making this in a larger bottle (even just doubling it to a 2 ounce bottle) would reduce the cost, but it would NOT insure fresh-full strength product. The black walnut tincture does not remain at full strength for long after it has been opened and exposed to air. Additionally, Dr. Clark was quite specific that this tincture be made in one ounce bottles with real eye droppers (not a screw top with disposable pipettes). No freeze dried version, because Dr. Clark required this ingredient be a liquid tincture.

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Making your black walnut with real eye dropper tops that screw on as a top instead of just a regular top and providing disposable pipettes sure would save a lot of money. Why don’t you do it that way when others do?

You are correct, that would make the product less expensive, however, when using Black Walnut Tincture: Dr. Clark did NOT recommend the use of disposable pipettes for dispensing the black walnut tincture. If you are not familiar with what a disposable pipette looks like, click here. These pipettes are meant to be used once and then thrown away. For this reason we provide an REAL eye dropper integrated in each bottle. This insures a convenient and clean delivery system for the duration of your cleanse. Keep in mind disposable pipettes were developed as a single use devise. Reusing one over and over is not its intended use and is a questionable practice.

Does the Original Para Kit contain flow agents or fillers, like magnesium stearate?

Simple answer: NO

Why are some formulas a blend of several ingredients combined into one capsule or into one liquid formula and others are individual ingredients in separate capsules or separate bottles of liquid?

Dr. H. Clark is noted as the pioneer in the study of using natural ingredients to help balance and support a healthy gut flora. Her studies and results have been the subject of many published books. Her use of three key ingredients, all prepared to specific instructions, are the basis for her protocol. Additionally, she specifies that the black walnut be prepared as a liquid and the cloves and wormwood be in dried form and encapsulated. Dr. Clark identifies exact amounts of each product to be used on specific days of the cleanse. It is not possible to adjust the individual dosage of each ingredient if they are combined into as one formula. If you are interested in Dr. Clark's results, then the products should be used as she recommended and specified. This cannot be accomplished with 'all-in-one' capsules, liquids, or powders.


Should I take the cleanse products on an empty stomach or with food?

Dr. Clark, in her published books, states that she prefer the cleanse ingredients be taken on an empty stomach. However, she realized that many people do not tolerate taking supplements without some food. If you are someone who prefers taking pills with food, she suggests a bland carbohydrate; such as crackers, bread, oatmeal, etc. Exception: ProBalance - take with meals.

Can the Black Walnut Tincture be mixed with some other liquid – or do I have to take it straight up?

Dr. Clark prefers straight up and chased with water. However, she knew that the taste may be unappealing to some and they would not be able to take it without mixing it in something that would hide the flavor. She suggests not taking any of the ingredients (but especially the black walnut tincture) with acidic juices, such as orange, grapefruit, or tomato. Mixing the Black Walnut Tincture in prune juice, apple juice or any type of yogurt smoothie is a good choice.

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On some of the days, the instructions say to take 7 capsules. Do I have to take them all at once?

Preferably yes. However, 7 capsules can be too many capsules for some people to take and tolerate all at once. Dr. Clark’s suggestion for those of you who find 7 capsules too many for ‘one sitting’ is to spread them out during the day (just making sure you take all 7 within a 12 hour period).

Do I need to change my diet or should I expect changes in my daily routine during this cleanse?

Simple answer: No. Diet can remain as usual. No need to plan on staying near a bathroom.

What is the maintenance protocol for?

Dr. Clark developed the follow up weekly maintenance protocol as a ‘booster shot’ to the Original Para Kit. The decision to follow the maintenance protocol and for how long is a personal one. If for example, you work in a Veterinary office, around farm animals, in an animal rescue shelter, travel abroad, etc. –you may want to consider discussing the extended use of the maintenance protocol with your health care provider.

Can I give the Original Para Kit to my dog or cat?

Dr. Clark has different directions for pets. When purchasing this kit for pets, please ask for  the pet reference sheet (we do not automatically include them with all purchases).  At the end of the ordering process there is a section for ORDER COMMENTS, simply type your request in that section.  All customer comments are read before orders are processed.

I purchased both the parasite cleanse and Candida cleanse. Which one should I take first?

It is preferable to complete the Original Para Kit first, followed by the Candida Cleanse. You can take the weekly maintenance dosages while you are taking the Candida Cleanse.

Why don't I see your products listed on many of those review sites?

Simply put, because we do not pay to have our products listed on these sites. We have found that most, if not all, of the review sites are fraudulent. The products (companies) listed as ‘Best’ or ‘Most Effective’ really translates into companies that ‘paid the most’. OneLifeUSA does not believe in nor do we participate in this type of "advertising". We remain committed to the high level of ethical business practices and customer service that our founder established. Our founder always put the health and well being of others first.

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dr. clark parasite shopsafeSHOP SMART: Perhaps one the most common questions I am asked is: “How did we select the ingredients for this kit”? We didn’t. This kit is based solely on the research and recommendations of Dr. H. Clark. We were quite fortunate to have Dr. Clark personally come to our lab and work directly with us. Her input insured these products were made according to her strict standards and that the final results met her specifications.

Dr. Clark’s published books are quite comprehensive and provide hundreds of case studies. It is understood that the results from her studies represent only her study participants, and cannot be expected for everyone.

We recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified professional for your health concerns. If you, with guidance from your health care professional, decide Dr. Clark’s protocol would be beneficial for you, we hope OneLifeUSA is your source for this kit. Your business is appreciated and your satisfaction is important to us.

To Your Health, Kim Puffenbarger, President – OneLifeUSA

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