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The Original Parasite Cleanse is an all natural safe combination of Black Walnut, Cloves and Wormwood.

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Probiotics are the live ‘good’ bacteria and yeasts (flora) that live in your intestines (gut). They are key for your overall health, especially your digestive and immune systems. In general, intestinal bacteria are categorized as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. ‘Good’ bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria or Lactobacilli (several strains of each are in ProBalance and MegaBalance), help maintain health by resisting ‘bad’ bacteria and harmful substances and aiding digestion and nutrient absorption. ‘Bad’ bacteria such as Enterobacteria (examples are E. coli and Salmonella) take advantage of certain conditions to cause disease. And bad bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Clostridium cause disease because they produce toxins. Therefore it is important to maintain a sufficient amount of good bacteria in your gut. This can be accomplished by eating foods that contain probiotics (many types of yogurts) or taking probiotic supplements.

When looking for a probiotic supplement, most experts suggest a probiotic that has a range between 3-50 billion CFUs that contains a minimum of seven different strains. The lower end of the range, 3-5 billion CFUs, is what would be generally referred to as a daily maintenance product. This potency would be well suited for a person with an otherwise healthy digestive system that needs to replenish the probiotics lost daily due to modern living and are often taken with each meal. Higher potencies are often recommended for those with digestive issues, who have been on antibiotics, have weak immune systems, limited or poor diets, or are recommended to take them by their health care professional. These are most often taken once a day with the largest meal.

ProBalance and MegaBalance deliver well varied strains of probiotics in a veggie capsule as a non-GMO formula. Additionally their balanced mix of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria ensures you are supporting both your large and small intestine. But, perhaps the most important ingredient found in both, is the DE111™ (Bacillus subtilis probiotic strain). This probiotic strain is trademarked through Deerland Enzymes. Their partnership with Cornell University, made it possible for DE111™ to be fully sequenced for safety and has been uploaded to GenBank, the National Institutes of Health genetic sequence database. DE111™ has been clinically studied and has shown the ability to support a healthy gut microflora by controlling microbial populations as well as support digestion and maintain general health. It also demonstrated the ability to crowd out E. coli and other bacterial pathogens, allowing for a proliferation of beneficial bacteria. DE111 also supports the normal breakdown of complex carbohydrates and fats, promoting proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

Two new probiotic formulas with superior ingredients in veggie caps and both are non-GMO products!


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