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Protocol Steps - The How To's

This kit and related follow up protocols are based strictly on Dr. Clark’s research and recommendations. She is a well known expert and author of several comprehensive books. In her books Dr. Clark documents hundreds of case studies and the successes these patients had following her protocols. If you are expecting her results – following her protocols are a must.

Step One: The Original Para Kit

Follow the initial protocol for a kit, varying the 3 ingredients each day as specificied by Dr. Clark or your healthcare professional. The ingredients included are enough to follow the initial protocol plus one follow up weekly maintenance cycle (instructions included). The Black Walnut Tincture (double strength from green hulls) is packaged in a glass bottle with a screw top eye dropper, the pure Cloves are a bottle of 120 stepscapsules, and the pure Wormwood (No Quassia or Male Fern added) is a bottle of 120 capsules. Dr. Clark personally came to our lab and set up the commercial manufacturing of these products. This insures that the potency, purity, and ingredients found in this Original Parasite Cleanse Kit adhere to her strict specifications. For additional details scroll further down this page where all of the kits are listed.

Step Two: The Post Follow-up

Think of this step as the ‘mop’ that follows the brooming of a floor. This step is commonly used following the Original Para Kit. The Post follow-up 'washes' the intestinal tract of any 'leftovers' and then replenishes the body with 'good' bacteria to help re-establish a healthy digestive system. The Post Follow-up has the added benefit of a formula engineered to effectively help restore and repair the liver (which is often damaged by disruptive microorganisms that love the liver’s rich source of blood and nutrients!).

Step Three: Maintenance

Congratulations! You’ve completed the protocol and your gut and liver have been helped back into a normal health state… Now, it’s important to keep it that way. Dr. Clark’s weekly maintenance protocol is exactly that; the weekly ‘booster shot’ to help ‘maintain’ the effectiveness of the Original Para Kit. You can select 12 or 15 weeks of maintenance cycles. The length of time you stay on the maintenance protocol is up to you and your health care professional.

dr. clark parasite shopsafeSHOP SMART: suggests you to seek the advice of a qualified professional for your health concerns. As you, with guidance from your health care professional, decide on the vitamins and dietary supplements that would be beneficiary for you, we hope that your selections include OneLifeUSA products. Your business is appreciated and your satisfaction is important to us.

Natural Balance Kits & Related Products

The following is the complete selection of available cleanse and gut micor flora baance related products.  The page is divided into the following sections:

You can select and combining products; customizing the best protocol for you. 

Natural Balance Kits

  • Both the Original Para Kit and the Candida Cleanse Kit are natural ingredient kits that are sugar free – have no artificial colors or flavors added. The Original Para Kit is a targeted 2 part protocol to help balance and support healthy gut flora (microorganisms). It is based solely on the research and recommendations of Dr. H. Clark and contains enough product for 1 adult protocol + 1 maintenance cycle. Easy to follow instructions are included. The Candida Cleanse kit is a targeted two phase kit that includes the Candida Cleanse and a ProBalance probiotics. This objective is to control the overgrowth of Candida and then follow up by rebuilding a healthy and balanced gut flora (necessary to help prevent the repeat of Candida overgrowth). Clicking on the picture of either will take you to their product page for details.
  • Origina_Para_Kit Product Page
    Candida Cleanse Kit

    Maintenance Protocol Kits

    • As specified by Dr. Hulda Clark, the maintenance protocol is a weekly follow up to the Original Para Kit. It is often referred to as the ‘booster’ follow up to the basic Kit. The length of maintenance protocol selected is dependent on your unique gut health issues. This protocol is available in a 12 or 15 week supply. Comes with easy to follow instructions. Clicking on the pictures of these kits will take you to their product pages for details.
    Maintenance Kit Product Page
    Maintenance Kit Product Page

    Post Cleanse Kit

    • As the name implies, this kit was formulated to follow the Original Para Kit. As Dr. Clark’s research matured and her interests turned to building and supporting a balanced and healthy gut flora, the ingredients in the Post Cleanse gained significant importance.  The Post Cleanse Kit contains Colon Clear (to help purge residue), ProBalance (a shelf stable, Non-GMO, 7 strain Probiotic Blend containing 5.75 billion CFU’s per veggie cap) and Liver Health (natural herbal blend to help support a healthy liver – essential because a healthy liver is the key to overall body detox and health). Clicking on the picture will take you to their product pages for details.


    Combo Deals

    • Ordering any of these combinations will save you $’s. Clicking on the pictures of these combinations will take you to their product pages for details.
    combine and save

    A La Cart

    All of the individual products found as components in our kit selections can be purchased as individual products.  Many customers choose to stay on the ProBalance probiotic and/or the Liver Health for an extended time.  Clicking on the pictures of any of these products will take you to their product page for details.

    View Black Walnut Tincture Product Page

    Black Walnut Tincture

    View CanBalance Product Page


    View Cloves Product Page


    View ProBalance Product Page


    View TURBOtics Product Page


    View Wormwood Product Page


    View Colon Care Product Page

    Colon Care

    View MegaBalance Product Page


    View Para Crush Product Page

    Para Crush

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