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Over 35 years ago, our founder began her battle against a deadly cancer diagnosis. Her road, to an unlikely recovery, was tough, long and life changing for not only her, but her entire family. Her experiences brought lessons learned and an intense appreciation for her health.
She adopted a personal mantra: “You have the power and may never be sick again”. (Which eventually became: “You May Never Be Sick Again” - our company’s slogan). After realizing the importance of her proactive involvement, she wanted others to know this too. Hoping that maybe she could help them avoid health pitfalls.

Because she credited her unlikely survival, in part, to a vitamin and herbal combination that was included in her regimen at MD Anderson Cancer Center, she set out to turn that unique ‘recipe’ into one vitamin and herbal filled capsule; eventually manufactured as OneLifeUSA’s Advanced Anti-Oxidant formula. It is our founding product and remains our #1 seller.

Today we carry just over 50 select products that are shipped to customers across the United States (visit www.onelifeusa.com to see them all). We manufacture using the ‘Farm to Tablet’ approach – only in the USA- using procedures that not only meet FDA regulations, but surpass many. Additionally, implementing unique MicroBatch practices insures that you’re getting the freshest product! Strict standards of operation and a satisfaction guarantee exemplify the commitment to our founder’s goal: Deliver affordable quality.... with a smile.

You are important to us. Our commitment to your satisfaction is something you deserve and something we expect of ourselves. If at any time we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.


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