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POST CLEANSE KIT - Ensure Cleansing Success.

Follow up to The Original Para Cleanse or any cleanse protocol. Non-GMO.

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  • A MUST AFTER EVERY CLEANSE: Perfect follow up to The Original Para Kit or any cleansing protocol. Cleansing is often an effective method to rid the body of toxins and other unwanted ‘bad’ bugs. Make sure your cleanse was worth the effort by following it with OneLifeUSA’s all-important Post Cleanse Kit.
  • ENSURES YOUR CLEANSE’S SUCCESS: In gardening terms- cleansing is your ‘weeding’ effort. Without the restoration of healthy soil, the addition of desirable plants, some fertilizer and water… your garden(body) is doomed to need constant weeding (cleansing). Following your cleanse (weed session) with a restorative post cleanse (feed session) will allow your garden (body) to flourish and grow healthy without the constant need to weed (cleanse).
  • EFFECTIVE COMBINATION: This kit includes three select products. One to help flush any residual debris left from cleansing (Colon Clear), one to promote a healthy gut flora (ProBalance Probiotics), and another that supports a healthy liver’s natural detox function (Liver Health).

Unlike Others:

  • Microbatch Manufacturing = Fresher Vitamins
  • Premium Harvested Ingredients = ‘Farm to tablet’ Quality
  • GMP Certified, FDA Registered Labs – in the USA = Accuracy and Safety
  • Industry Experience and Knowledge = Affordable Prices
  • Founded by a cancer survivor 25+ years ago. Today, we remain a woman and family-owned company.

Product Description

Cleansing covers a wide range of products, approaches, and intended purposes. To maximize and maintain the results of your cleanse OneLifeUSA’s Post Cleanse Kit is considered ‘a must’. This kit was originally designed for the ‘recovery/rebuild’ protocol that is a follow up to OneLifeUSA’s Original Para Kit. It, however, also serves as a great follow up to any cleanse. Using this Post Cleanse will help ensure your cleansing efforts have successful results.

The specific products included in OneLifeUSA’s Post Cleanse Kit: Colon Clear, ProBalance Probiotics, and Liver Health. Colon Clear is a natural, yet effective, laxative, that may help flush away any residual debris left after a cleanse. It is NOT intended to ‘scrub’ the intestinal walls and therefore potentially damaging any current ‘good’ gut flora. ProBalance, a probiotic (good bacteria), helps support a healthy gut flora with special blend of 7 different species of ‘good’ intestinal bacteria inducing the clinically proven DE111. Liver Health is a proprietary herbal blend formulated to help support healthy liver function. A healthy liver is key to good health and is the body's best 'detoxifier’. Milk thistle, turmeric, and lecithin (we use a soy-free source), along with other ingredients have been combined into this Vegan and Gluten- free formula. All the products in OneLifeUSA’s Post Cleanse Kit are Non-GMO, ProBalance and Liver Health are packaged in veggie caps.

Before taking this or any over-the-counter product, it is always advisable to discuss its use with your primary care professional.

*Important note when using Black Walnut Tincture: OneLifeUSA does NOT recommend the use of disposable pipettes (often called droppers) for dispensing the black walnut tincture. If you are not familiar with what a disposable pipette looks like, [click here]. These pipettes are meant to be used once and then thrown away. For this reason we provide an REAL eye dropper integrated in each bottle. This insures a convenient and clean delivery system for the duration of your cleanse. Keep in mind disposable pipettes were developed as a single use devise. Reusing one over and over is a questionable practice.

Customer Reviews:

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Author:Mary Anne L., Layton, UT
I am a big fan of detox cleansing. Following up with your Post Cleanse products has made a big difference in how long my great cleanse feeling lasts. I agree… this is a must do after every cleanse.

Author:David W., Stowe, VT
This is the key to my cleanse successes! Thank you.

Author:Jack H., NYC,NY
Would never again do a cleanse without this being the next step. Liked the probiotics and liver product so much, I have added them to my daily regimen. Thanks for your products and service.


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