Once upon a time in a land not so far away, in a castle by the sea, lived a Fairy Princess. Her life filled with happiness, love, and beauty. Until one day, the Wicked Fairy Godmother knocked on her door!

OK… not exactly, but pretty darn close. Our founder, a happy, beautiful model, was living a charmed life (In what was as close to a castle as you can get and was by the sea). When one day ´cancer´ knocked on her door.

That unfortunate turn in her life, eventually gave way to this company,
its morals, and unique manufacturing practices. When she was diagnosed at the young age of 42 with stage IV breast cancer; she was not given favorable odds of survival. After becoming part of an experimental treatment program, she began to focus on her health and her fight to survive.

The formula in our Advanced Anti-Oxidant product played a role in her long fight and eventual victory. She wrote: “I hope you will gain from my experience: Realize there are informed choices you make each day that impact your health and the health of those you love.”

We´ve learned a lot over the past twenty years about vitamins and herbs. This knowledge continues to reinforce our belief in the select combination of ingredients found in our original product: The Advanced Anti-Oxidant. Its formula was first compounded over 20 years ago and was the inspiration for our initial company slogan: ´You May Never Be Sick Again´. It remains our top seller today!

The kindness our founder received from so many throughout her struggles was so appreciated: something she held dear and wanted passed onto others. We remain true to her wishes with a company still held in family hands and built on attention to customer service.

Although no longer popular (because of cost), we continue to Microbatch manufacture our products with ingredients from premium harvests. Our commitment to this ´Farm to Tablet´ approach, insures our customers receive products with maximum freshness and quality. Our state of the art labs are all here in the US and hold GMP certifications and FDA registrations.

OneLifeUSA was founded by a cancer survivor. Her life continues to provide inspiration to individuals and to all of us at OneLifeUSA. Her proactive approach to health care remains the driving force behind each product we formulate. Careful to let science, not fad, determine our path. We will not bog you down with thousands of products from hundreds of companies. We offer only select formulations that can stand up all of these standards!

P.S. You´re going to wonder: How we do all this for these prices? (Hint- you´re buying from a company that was founded on a ´principles´ model, not a ´profit´ model). No middlemen, no big salaries…. And that part´s not a fairytale.



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