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A Family Company

Over 35 years ago, our founder began her battle against a deadly cancer diagnosis. Her road, to an unlikely recovery, was tough, long and life changing for not only her, but her entire family. Her experiences brought lessons learned and an intense appreciation for her health. 


From Nature

Quality products begin with quality ingredients. Premium harvests - Fresh
from nature!


Directed by Science

Purposefully select custom blended
formulas - guided by scientific research.


Farm to Tablet Quality

MicroBatch manufacturing in GMP certified, FDA registered, US labs results in optimally fresh 'Farm to Tablet' products.

VIP Club Access

Membership in our VIP program is perfect for those who use our products on a regular basis! Club members enjoy the freshest products, stock only what they need and enjoy the maximum in savings! Start experiencing all the advantages of being a VIP Club Member - Call us today and set up your VIP membership! Toll free: 1-888-227-1937.

FREE Shipping on VIP Order's

Members receive FREE Shipping on qualifying orders.

Our Lowest Prices

Members receive our lowest pricing plus extra monthly specials.

Automatic Monthly Shipments

Orders ship automatically each month. Change your orders anytime up to 5 days prior to your shipdate.

Thank you to so many who have been with us since day one and welcome to all who are new to OneLifeUSA.

Our first act, albeit unusual, took place over 35 years ago on a stage beset with disease. It’s finale - a distinctively different type of vitamin company. Launching with only one product (Advanced Anti-Oxidant in a base of Echinacea & Garlic), a unique manufacturing process and a new approach to selecting raw ingredients: We’ve grown. Grown with purposeful intent; careful to introduce only select targeted formulas.

As from day one, we continue our MicroBatch manufacturing and our 'Farm to Tablet' approach in securing premium harvested ingredients. Unique to OneLifeUSA, these practices insure you’re receiving arguably the optimum in freshness and quality. With time these techniques have become more important, as we now realize we have the ability to influence our overall wellness like never before. The fact that our lifestyle choices have a larger effect in terms of keeping us in good health and understanding that our nutrition has become a critical goal in the pursuit of overall wellness is empowering.

Learning through our founder’s (my mother’s) journey from a deadly cancer diagnosis to eventual survival, we remain committed to her standards of quality, compassion and service.

Kim Puffenbarger
President, OneLifeUSA
PS. Interested in my mother's story? Click here. 

Kim Puffenbarger

President, OneLifeUSA
PS. Interested in my mother's story - click here.


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