Our knowledgeable and well experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and adherence to ethical standards are the fundamentals that insure our customers receive quality products and service. We manufacture only in the United States under strict USP quality control and follow FDA guidelines to insure the optimum in safety and reliability.

Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our assurance of excellence in four primary areas: raw materials, testing, processing, and R & D.

Raw Materials (Ingredients): Quality begins with the raw materials. All of our raw material suppliers are prequalified: investigating and auditing their facilities, processes, and standards. Because of our many years of experience in the industry, we have established relationships with the best growers and manufacturers.  Most importantly: Every ingredient must have a certificate of analysis, is quarantined upon arrival at our facilities, and undergoes rigorous inspection before use.

Testing:  Utilizing state-of-the-art testing equipment we are able to maintain rigorous and efficient testing procedures throughout a products’ complete manufacturing process. Testing starts with our raw materials and continues through each step of the production process; ending with a reviewed analysis of the completed product. Specific tests include: Microbiological screening for bacteria (including Staphylococcus and E.coli), yeast, and mold; mineral and metal analysis; potency verification; and testing for tablet disintegration, friability, shelf-life stability, fill-weight, and hardness.

Processing: Our processing procedures are perhaps the most significant in terms of insuring product quality. They carefully follow production from procurement of raw materials to the finished product. As one of only a few microbatch (think micro-brew) manufacturers, we buy our raw materials in smaller bulk – thus giving us access to premium harvests allowing the selection of quality over quantity. Because our finished product batches are small and turn over quickly, we are able to provide fresher products.  Additionally, all of our products are tested and inspected at intervals during manufacturing and our strict follow up analysis verifies the potency and contents of each capsule is accurate.

R & D: Product development: This is our strength. It represents what we feel is one of our distinct advantages over others.  Because of our years of experience and long standing industry relationships: We know the territory – from the latest in scientific developments to where and how to buy the best raw materials.

Our top R & D personnel bring over 31 years of industry expertise to the table.  They have spent considerable time working closely with physicians, which has contributed to their wealth of knowledge about nutritional and botanical ingredients. Together they offer the kind of savvy formulating that is uniquely successful. Effectively, they evaluate the appropriateness of ingredient combinations and have the technical know-how to put them together in the ideal manner. With a dedication to innovation, they create custom blended OneLifeUSA formulas that are known for their ability to provide the best balance between science and nature.

Because science leads our way, we have a track record of producing top selling dietary supplements. They sell because they work. Science indicated that they would. Our R & D has a commitment to the best practices, attention to detail, and cost-effectiveness that comes from expertise, not cutting corners.

Last But Not Least: Our lab is proud to be NPA GMP-Certified. The NPA (Natural Products Association) established its certification program in order to set and maintain high standards for the industry. This provides assurance that our manufacturing processes have been thoroughly inspected by a third party auditor.  Because of these stringent procedures you can be confident in the quality of the ingredients, the manufacturing procedures, and the preciseness of the product label vs. ingredient content for all of our products.

We go to greater lengths than what is federally required; being the only company to manufacture in micro-batches that sell-out within weeks. Therefore, our products are not stored or warehoused for long periods of time; insuring our customers the freshest possible products. In addition, our money back guarantee is a further indication of our commitment to quality.


At OneLifeUSA we take a decidedly different approach when developing and selecting the products we offer. Because we utilize such an exemplary R & D team, we are able to carefully engineer our formulations.  Developing custom blended formulas that focus on specific health concerns is our primary objective.  Our ingredients are selected on the basis of scientific research – not advertising hype.  This practice gives our customers confidence in the effectiveness of OneLifeUSA products. 

We are not interested in being the ‘big box’ vitamin provider.  We have no desire to offer a selection of so many hundreds of products,  that making a selection becomes overwhelming and it’s to impossible to decipher which products have merit and which are there merely for the profit taking. Shopping with OneLifeUSA is, therefore, easy and time effective.

We provide only products with a specific purpose.  When you see the products we offer; you know scientific studies have determined their contents. Additionally, the particular ingredients in each formula have been selected based on their synergistic compatibility – both in terms of effectiveness and maximum absorption. 

We are strict believers in not overdoing or overdosing on vitamin supplements.  When it comes to supplements ‘more is NOT better’.  Often the recommended and researched dosage of a specific ingredient is what is first incorporated into products.  Then, in order to compete and sell products for a much higher profit margin, companies increase the dosage and then tell the consumer their product is now ‘better’.  When you ‘fall’ for this type of advertising, you are not benefitting from the ‘extra’ dosage and you are wasting your money.  Here’s why: ALL vitamins (except 4) and herbs are water soluble.  This means when you take them, your body uses what it needs and any ‘left over’s’ are discarded as waste. 

The non-water soluble or as they are referred to - ‘fat soluble’ vitamins are: Vitamins A, D, E, and K. Because fat-soluble vitamins are stored for long periods, they generally pose a greater risk for toxicity than water-soluble vitamins. Consuming the normal or recommended amount will not lead to toxicity; however, taking vitamin supplements that contain more than the recommended doses of these fat soluble vitamins can be harmful. Remember, the body only needs small amounts of any vitamin.

For these reasons you can be sure that the ingredient amounts in all of our formulas are the proper dosages:  Not an inflated amount because advertising (not science) has dictated it.  When you take OneLifeUSA supplements you know that you are consuming the correct amount of each ingredient… the amounts that are the most effective – NOT necessarily the most profitable.

 Simply Put: You are buying directly from the manufacturer; this makes it possible for you to get the lowest possible prices for the highest quality ingredients.  Plus, we have cut the expensive overhead that has become industry standard. We do not have any commissioned sales middlemen, no expensive retail stores, and no CEO or executive salaries.  We do not pay telemarketers, have no multi-level marketing programs, and no national advertising programs.

We are able to pass along extraordinary savings because we sell directly to customers.  Additionally, we encourage online purchasing, we use the most cost effective packaging and shipping methods, and cross-train all of our employees to provide better customer service at less expense.

Each day, the OneLifeUSA staff works as a team to ensure that our customers continue to receive what our founded wanted: Top quality products at affordable prices.  We know that your health will benefit because of our committed to these strict standards.

Our customers are important to us. Our commitment to your satisfaction is something you deserve and something we expect of ourselves. We are not held accountable to absentee ownership or big company ‘profit only’ policies. Instead, our founder’s recovery from a deadly cancer diagnosis resulted in her exemplary mission to help others prevent illness and stay healthy with top quality yet affordable natural vitamins and nutritional supplements. She also insisted we do this with outstanding customer service in a courteous manner.  If at anytime we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Founded by a cancer survivor in 1995.   
  • Manufacturing facilities are NPA GMP-Certified.
  • Members of the National Products Association.
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  • Google rating of 4.9 out of 5.
  • We adhere to a strict private policy (we never sell, rent, or otherwise share our customer information).