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July Specials



Save $2 OFF

Calm Sleep -NEW FORMULA !! Non-GMO

Limit 1,July 2018)



Save $2 OFF

Super Flaxseed Plus Greens

(Limit 1,July 2018)



Save $3 OFF

Alpha Lipoic Acid Acetyl L-Carnitine

(Limit 1,July 2018) vip



Save $2 OFF

Something For Women

(Limit 1,July 2018) vip



One Life Vitamins and Supplements

Advanced Anti-Oxidant with Echinacea and Garlic #1 Seller Non-GMO


Advanced Pros Plus Non-GMO


Black Walnut Green Hull, Extra Strength, Liquid Non-GMO


out of stock

Calcium Plus Calcium Citrate & Absorbate +Mag and Vit. D Non-GMO


Calm Sleep In Stock NEW Formula! Non-GMO


Candida Balance Targets Candida Yeast Overgrowth Non-GMO


Candida Balance Kit (Complete 2 step cleanse kit) Non-GMO


Celtic Calcium Non-GMO

NEW: Marine based Calcium+ 72 trace minerals- Replaces Coral Calcium


ClovesPure form


Colon Clear Gentle yet effective Non-GMO

NEW Formula


CoEnzyme Q-10 (100mg soft gel cap)


Daily Multiple 'Ultimate' Complete Vits & Mins


ProBalance(5.75 Billion Probiotics, Veggie Caps) Non-GMO


Joint Flex ** Now with 100 Caps & more MSM ** Non-GMO


Liver Health (Gluten FREE, Veggie Caps) Non-GMO NEW Formula


Something for Men Non-GMO


Something For Women Non-GMO


Something Smells Fishy Omega-3's - gel cap Non-GMO


Stress Free Energy (B-Complex) Non-GMO


Super Flaxseed + Greens Veggie source of Omega-3's Non-GMO

*** Now NON-GMO & 50% more capsules (90 caps / bottle)


Vision Guard NEW FORMULA Non-GMO








PC Nutrition Vitamins and Supplements


All originally formulated for our physican & clinic clientele.


i  Alpha Lipoic Acid + Acetyl-L-Carnitine


i  Blood Sugar Matrix


i  Cardio One


i  Choless Support


i  Coconut Oil- Extra Virgin Organic Non-GMO


i  Collagen 750 Non-GMO


i  Colon Care

NEW Formula 




i  Digest Ultra Pro Non-GMO


i  Ginkgo Biloba


i  MegaBalance(30 Billion Probiotics, Veggie Caps)Non-GMO


i  Mind Focus


i  Para Crush Non-GMO


i  Power C-1000




Cleansing Kits


  Kits & Combinations

i  Candida Protocol


i  Original Para Kit


i  Complete Post Cleanse Kit


i  Original Para Kit Plus Complete Cleanse


i  12 Week Maintenance Kit


i  15 Week Maintenance Kit


i  Para Crush Kit




Brabec Basics Vitamins and Supplements


FREE Shipping Notice: Brabec Basic products do not count toward the 3 or more minimum, to receive free shipping, however, you are welcome to add them to your regular VIP order.

NEW!!! B12 1000mcg - Chewable Cherry Flavor- 100 Tablets Non-GMO


Daily 'Basic Multiple' Liquicaps -60 LiquiCaps


Green Tea -98% Polyphenols Non-GMO


Turmeric 750 + Bioperine NEW!- 60 caps Non-GMO


Vitamin D3 + K2 (chewable) NEW Formula!- 90 Tablets Non-GMO




Kosher Vitamins and Supplements


FREE Shipping Notice: Kosher products do not count toward the 3 or more minimum, to receive free shipping, however, you are welcome to add them to your regular VIP order.

Allergy Formula


Apple Bran Fiber Chewable Tablets


CAL/MAG Chewable 100 Tablets


Chlorophyll 100 Tablets


Cro-Man-Zin (Cromium, Manganese , Zinc)


Folic Acid - (400mcg-100 Tables)


Fruit C 500 - (Chewable C Tables)


Kala - (Acidopilus 100 Tables)


Super Quints B-50 (B-Complex)


Vitalets -New!! Kids Chewable Multiple Vitalmin (Orange)


Vitalets -New!! Kids Chewable Multiple Vitalmin (Raspberry)


Zinc Chewable Tabs -New!!




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