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  1. I see that some say a common parasite cleanse ingredient, wormwood, is poisonous. Is it? Wormwood in the oil form is poisonous to humans; whereas the dried herbal form is NOT! The wormwood contained in the product we sell is the dried form – NOT the oil.
  2. If that’s the case, then why is wormwood on the FDA’s poisonous plant list? Wormwood is NOT on the FDA’s poisonous ‘plant’ list. However, oil of wormwood is listed by the FDA as poisonous. Please remember that OneLifeUSA’s lab is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, which means we must register with the FDA and are subject to many unannounced inspections by the FDA. The FDA is NOT going to allow our lab, or any other GMP certified facility to manufacture and distribute a product that contains ingredients that are poisonous to humans! Once again, dried wormwood, one of the three ingredients that Dr. Clark includes in her parasite cleanse, is NOT considered poisonous by the FDA. OneLifeUSA uses only the safe form of dried herbal wormwood, and this product is both purity and safety tested for human consumption.

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Product (MIS)-Information

When it comes to finding information on the internet, we all know that there is as much truth as there is untruth about any given topic, person, or product. The source of the information is important, but sometimes even more important is making sure you are getting the whole picture. It’s easy to present specific quotes from a speech or only portions of a scientific study so that the reader believes what the author wants them to believe….which is not necessarily the factual truth. Here Are Some Examples:

  1. Some would have you believe that if it’s natural, then it must be safe. Arsenic is natural and we all know it is not safe.
  2. Some use examples that are so far from realistic that they make you fear something that in reality is perfectly safe. For example, if you saw the following warning on a bottled beverage would you drink it?

“WARNING: Can cause nausea, muscle cramping, slurred speech, and disorientation”. That warning could be applied to a bottle of water! It’s a condition known as water intoxication and is a result of drinking too much water too fast.


Now let’s get Specific:

1. Black Walnut Tincture, one of the three ingredients recommended by Dr. H. Clark in her parasite cleanse. There is online information suggesting that in order to be true to Dr. Clark’s specifications, the tincture must appear pale green in color. These sites claim that if the tincture is dark green (almost black), then it was taken from old dried walnuts and will not be effective. Dr. Clark does mention the importance of the color of the tincture when giving instructions in her books on how to make black walnut tincture in your home kitchen. The strength at which you can physically press the hull of a ‘fresh’ walnut will result in a pale green colored liquid. However, when the tincture is manufactured in a commercial lab and the hull is being pressed by machinery, the result is a very dark green colored liquid. This is because the physical strength at which the machine can press, actually presses out more of the hull and the concentration of materials if denser, therefore a darker color. There are companies that have added vitamin C to the black walnut tincture because it changes the color to a pale green. The addition of vitamin C is not recommended by Dr. Clark. When this tincture is manufactured in a commercial laboratory, scientific testing indicates the validity of the product, not color. Our product is a double maceration (Double strength) at a 1:1 ratio of gm herb to ml menstruum (1/2 teaspoon contains extractives from 2,500 mg fresh plant material) – just a specified by Dr. Clark herself.

2.Cloves, one of the three ingredients recommended by Dr. H. Clark in her parasite cleanse. There are websites reporting that cloves are toxic to humans. There is the dried form, such as found in your kitchen cupboard and used in the family recipe for pumpkin pie. There is also a pure oil of clove, or essential clove oil. This oil form has been commonly used as a dental pain reliever. However, it has also been shown that if enough consumed internally or it is injected, clove oil can be harmful. The form of cloves used in the parasite kit is the dried version and safe for human consumption.

3. Wormwood, one of the three ingredients recommended by Dr. H. Clark in her parasite cleanse. There are websites that report that wormwood is toxic, even going so far as to say it is listed on the FDA’s ‘Poisonous Plant’ list. Again, as with cloves, we are dealing with two different forms of wormwood, the dried and oil. If you visit the FDA poisonous plant list, you will discover that it is the pure essential wormwood oil or oil of wormwood that is listed. The dried wormwood is nowhere to be found on this list because it is safe for human consumption. It is the dried wormwood that is sold in the parasite cleanse kit.


Additional Information Regarding Dr. Clark’s Original Para Kit:

  1. The 3 ingredients recommended by Dr. Clark are based on years of her scientific research. Therefore, the dosage amount of each ingredient (which changes each day as the cleanse progresses) and the length of the cleanse is important.. Dr. Clark specifically does not endorse other ingredients or combining these ingredients into one formula.
  2. The ingredients used in Dr. Clark’s para kit can be purchased at your local natural grocery store. If you have the time or the inclination, you can follow the instructions provided by Dr. Clark in her books and prepare these ingredients to her specifications and make your own.
  3. Of the three ingredients, wormwood has the most published misinformation. Because of the many dangerous side effects associated with consuming wormwood oil, the authors do not always do due diligence when researching and end up propagating information on wormwood in general, that in truth, belongs only to wormwood oil. As a side note: wormwood is an ingredient in vermouth.


Safety of OneLifeUSA Products:

All OneLifeUSA products are manufactured in a GMP certified lab in the USA. (This is not true of all vitamin and herbal supplements sold in the United States). The following are just a few of the strict procedural processes that our lab must follow to keep its certification. These procedures are in place to insure the safety of OneLifeUSA products for all of our customers.

    Detailed Testing:

    1. Utilizing state-of-the-art testing equipment we maintain strict testing procedures from start to finish.
    2. Our products are made in an FDA registered, GMP certified lab in the USA.
    3. All incoming raw materials have certificates of analysis.
    4. All ingredients are tested and must pass tests for: bacteria (including Staphylococcus and E.coli), yeast and mold.
    5. All ingredients must pass a mineral and metal analysis. This includes a heavy metals test for lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury.
    6. Potency verification of each ingredient is confirmed.
    7. The fill weight of each capsule is confirmed to match the ingredient contents.


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