disclaimerSHOP SMART: Dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Individual results may vary. OneLifeUSA.com suggests you to seek the advice of a qualified professional for your health concerns. As you, with guidance from your health care professional, decide on the vitamins and dietary supplements that would be beneficiary for you, we hope that your selections include OneLifeUSA products. Your business is appreciated and your satisfaction is important to us.

We have a proven history. We have been providing our customers with all natural vitamin & herbal nutritional supplement products for over seventeen years.

We manufacture only in the United States, not only meeting but exceeding FDA and government regulations.
Our lab is NPA GMP-Certified; assuring that our manufacturing processes have been thoroughly inspected by a third party auditor. 

All of our raw material suppliers are prequalified: investigating and auditing their facilities, processes, and standards. Every ingredient must have a certificate of analysis, is quarantined upon arrival at our facilities, and undergoes rigorous inspection before use.
We utilize large inspection tables that enable automated visual inspection of every finished capsule and tablet

Independent testing ensures that what our labels say is what’s in our products.
Because our top R & D personnel bring over 31 years of industry expertise to the table they offer the kind of savvy formulating that is uniquely successful.   
Science leads our way; we have a track record of producing top selling dietary supplements. They sell because they work. Science indicated that they would.
We are able to pass along extraordinary savings because we sell directly to customers.  You are buying directly from the manufacturer with:  No commissioned sales middlemen, no expensive retail stores, and no CEO or executive salaries.  We do not pay telemarketers, have no multi-level marketing programs, and no national advertising programs.

Each day, the OneLifeUSA staff works as a team to ensure that our customers continue to receive what our founded wanted: Top quality products at affordable prices. 

Our customers are important to us. Our commitment to your satisfaction is something you deserve and something we expect of ourselves. We are not held accountable to absentee ownership or big company ‘profit only’ policies. Instead, our founder’s recovery from a deadly cancer diagnosis resulted in her exemplary mission to help others prevent illness and stay healthy with top quality yet affordable natural vitamins and nutritional supplements. She also insisted we do this with outstanding customer service in a courteous manner.  If at anytime we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.