Adding Calcium & Vitamin D Helps Attain Weight Goals

Numerous previous studies have suggested that higher calcium and/or vitamin D intake may be connected to lower body weight and better metabolic health.

Successful Weight Loss Linked to Vitamin D
If vitamin D hasn’t been linked to enough health issues…it now appears that without enough of it, your weight loss efforts may be in vain. Results of a study were recently presented at The Endocrine Society’s 91st Annual Meeting in Washington DC, suggesting that vitamin D levels predict the weight loss success of a diet.

Rest Easy- Study Results: Weight Loss and Memory
Just one night of poor sleep can cause fatigue, memory loss and decreased mental capacity. Before you turn to a potentially habit forming prescription or over-the-counter remedy (with their list of reported and dangerous side effects); consider a natural solution to help you sleep.

Omega–3 May Decrease Your Body Fat
The FDA has already given their stamp of approval for omega-3’s heart healthy claims, now it appears new research has shed light on their potential as weight – control agents, or more specifically, fat reducers.

Walk Off the Weight... Faster!
Here’s the scenario: Two women go walking. One finishes quickly, the other takes her time. They each walk long enough to burn about 400 calories. Did they lose the same amount of fat? Belly fat, thigh fat, total body fat? No.