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  • The power of Resveratrol and Proanthoathocyandins (often referred to as Pycnogenol) in one formula
  • Optimal standardized concentration of Resveratrol
  • Unique combination of valuable flavonoids by sourcing red wine extract, grape skin extract, grape seed extract and pine bark extract.

Unlike Others:

  • Founded by a cancer survivor; focused on prevention.
  • MicroBatched for fresher product.
  • R & D team collaborates with physicians to evaluate ingredient combinations

Quality & Safety:

  • All raw materials are quarantined upon arrival, HPTLC identified and have a certificate of analysis.
  • Equipment and processing facility cleaning procedures are certified for Organic, Kosher, and Halal.
  • Ingredients tested for (but not limited to) Staphylococcus, E. coli, Salmonella, yeast, mold, and heavy metals.
  • Full disclosure of product ingredients; posting complete product labels.


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Product Description:


OneLifeUSA has manufactured our popular Proanthocyanidins product for years. When we introduced our Resveratrol formula, many of our customers purchased both. Our formulators have developed a new product that incorporates both the Proanthocyandins and Resveratrol Plus into one! This saves money, reduces the number of product to order and the number of pills to take. The new product is: Advanced Pros Plus and is now available for purchase.

Why these two ingredients mix well together in one capsule:  Both resveratrol and proanthocyanidins are members of a group of plant compounds called polyphenols. Polyphenols are classified as anti-oxidants and are found naturally occurring in many fruits and vegetables. They can be broadly separated into two categories - flavonoids and non-flavonoids. Proanthocyanidins are classified as a flavonoid, and resveratrol as a non-flavonoid. Both have strong anti-oxidant capabilities.  In respect to health benefits, continued research regarding the potential these are ongoing.  Scientists know they have some similar and some different traits.  By combining them into one formula, all of their potential health benefits can be realized.

Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in abundance in the skin of grapes and Japenese Knotwood. Smaller amounts are found in the seeds and stalks of the grape. It has been studied and noted for its anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. Sources for proanthocyanidins include red grapes and pinebark, with grape seed extract providing a concentrated source. Studies have shown proanthocyanidins to have much stronger antioxidant potential than vitamins C or E, and have also been studied for their positive effects on anti-aging and the cardiovascular system. Because these compounds are known as super antioxidants, they have been studied for their potential benefits in helping the body combat environmental stress while protecting vital collagen structures in the blood vessels, skin and joint tissues against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Customer Reviews:

Dear OneLife,  I recently had open-heart surgery and had been taking your pro’s and anti- oxidant for about 2 years. I showed them to my cardiologist and he said I had to stop taking them for 2 weeks prior to surgery and then once everything was cleared, I could start again. He even said he was a fan of the Proanthocyanidins. <read more>

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Advanced Pro’s Plus Does Double Duty: Studied for Heart and Arthritis Benefits

As the Baby Boomer generation enters the years when heart disease becomes more prevalent and joint pain begins to require more attention: They look to prevention. With strong evidence, considering OneLifeUSA’s Advanced Pros Plus formula as part of your daily supplement routine may be a great idea.

The Secret of Anti-Aging - New Study.

The more we learn, the more the importance of anti-oxidants take center stage. Science has clearly proven anti-oxidants are key to protecting your body from damage done by free radicals and free radical damage has been linked to every health issue.

Resveratrol Linked to Disease Prevention

Scientists at Scripps Research Institute recently released study results that show Resveratrol may truly hold the key to anti-aging.

Anti-Aging and Heart Healthy Resveratrol- Now Linked to Fat Hormone Control

This recent news regarding resveratrol is the result of research conducted at the University of Texas. The study results are published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry and concluded that the potential health benefits of resveratrol may be due to its ability to activate the powerful fat controlling hormone, adiponectin.

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