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  • Recommended amounts of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfates
  • Now with more MSM
  • No sugar, artificial colors or flavors

Unlike Others:

  • Founded by a cancer survivor; focused on healthy living.
  • MicroBatched for freshness - Farm to Tablet quality.
  • Boutique family company offering a select group of products that we ourselves use.

Quality & Safety:

  • Farm to Tablet Quality Vitamins, MicroBatched for freshness in GMP certified, FDA registered US labs.
  • All raw materials have certificates of analysis. Ingredients tested for (but not limited to) Staphylococcus, E. coli, Salmonella, yeast and mold.
  • Full disclosure of product ingredients; posting complete product labels.
  • Questions? Call us, Mon. – Fri., 9:00AM – 5:00PM EST: 1-888-227-1937. 100% US based customer service.

Product Description:

Musculoskeletal pain of the bone, joint and muscles is one of the most common reasons for primary care visits in the United States. It is estimated to effect between 40-70 million Americans. For those who suffer from this type of pain, seeking a solution to relieve the pain with the least invasive methods and with products that have the fewest side effects is often the primary goal.

There are several natural compounds that have been studied with regards specifically to joint pain. Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfates are two of the most common. Glucosamine is a compound that is naturally made in humans. It is involved in the creation of molecules that form cartilage. Evidence supports the use of glucosamine sulfate in the treatment joint pain, especially in the knees. It is believed that the sulfate portion may help strengthen cartilage. If this is confirmed, it would mean that the glucosamine sulfate form is more effective than glucosamine without sulfate. Glucosamine is often taken together with chondroitin, which comes from cartilage. The use of integrative therapies like glucosamine is often seen in people with joint pain. Adds Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D., “Furthermore, hundreds of studies have shown that supplements of glucosamine sulfate, a building block of healthy cartilage, can help rebuild and repair damaged cartilage. Chondroitin sulfate, a related substance, also has been shown to increase joint mobility, repair cartilage, and alleviate pain. Glucosamine and chondroitin appear to work well together, and are sometimes packaged with one another in joint repair supplements.”

Another natural compound associated with joint pain issues is MSM. Technically, this is an abbreviation for methyl-sulfonyl-methane, which is organic sulfur compound. This compound is the third largest nutrient found in the human body and is found in all vertebrates. MSM is also an ingredient found in quite a few foods, meat, dairy products as well as vegetables. The clinical use of sulfur as an adjunct in our diet is becoming progressively more recognized as an important tool for optimizing health. MSM is already well-known for its joint health benefits, but it may be important for a whole host of other reasons as well.

Most clinical trials report that a daily dose of 1,200 mg of chondroitin sulfate produces sufficient results in relieving joint pain. Other trials found that 1,500 mg of glucosamine for six to eight weeks, with a maintenance dose of 750 mg, are effective. Because these compounds are water soluble, your body will use what it can and the excess will be excreted. For this reason it is better to take the recommended dosages spread out throughout the day. For example: Better to take 1200mg of Chondroitin in 400mg dosages three times a day then it is to take one capsule with 1200mg once a day.

Each serving of OneLifeUSA’s Joint Flex contains 1500 mg of Glucosamine Sulfate, 1200 mg of Chondroitin Sulfate complex, and 20000 mg of MSM. See product label for full details.

Before taking this or any over-the-counter product, it is always advisable to discuss its use with your primary care professional. References




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Customer Reviews:

disclaimerSHOP SMART: We love hearing from our customers. However, we've had to remove all reviews referring to results, symptoms, health conditions, diseases and effectiveness. The comments in customer letters pertain only to the customer who submitted them. They should not be generalized and applied to the population at large. Individual results may vary.

Dear One Life,
     I’ve been using your Joint Flex for over 2 years with great success. I’m afraid I fell prey to an advertising scheme of ‘Buy 1 – Get 2 FREE’. When I read their label it looked the same, and how could I pass up such a deal? My new product arrived just as I ran out of One Life’s Joint Flex and I began using it. Within 1 week I began to awaken in with stiff fingers and after about 10 days, could no longer play the piano without considerable pain in my fingers. <read more>

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