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  • Superb combination of chlorophyll and alfalfa.
  • Gluten free and a good choice for vegetarians.
  • Premium ingredients for a pure kosher product.

    Unlike Others:

    • This product was manufactured to meets the needs of the nutritional community at large as well as the celiac community, vegetarians, kosher consumers, and diabetics.
    • Formula is designed and approved by nutritionists, clinical engineers and nutritional advocates.
    • Formula is FREE of: Aluminum, artificial colors, artificial flavors, aspartame, yeast, dextrose, dyes, eggs, fish, gelatin, gluten, lactose, meat, milk, preservatives, casein, starch, sugar, sulfates, sulfites, talc, wheat, and whey.

    Quality & Safety:

    • Farm to Tablet Quality Vitamins, MicroBatched for freshness in GMP certified, FDA registered US labs.
    • All raw materials have certificates of analysis. Ingredients tested for (but not limited to) Staphylococcus, E. coli, Salmonella, yeast and mold.
    • Full disclosure of product ingredients; posting complete product labels.
    • Questions? Call us, Mon. – Fri., 9:00AM – 5:00PM EST: 1-888-227-1937. 100% US based customer service.

Product Description:

Chlorophyll tablets are one of our featured Kosher products. The ingredients, chlorophyll and alfalfa, work well together; with each tablet containing 20mg of chlorophyll and 100mg of alfalfa. All the ingredients are pure, making our Kosher selections the right choice for many of our customers, including those in the celiac community (gluten free), vegetarians (meat, poultry and fish free) and diabetics (sugar and dextrose free). This product has no aluminum, no dyes, no meat, no sulfates, no artificial colors, no eggs, no milk, no sulfites, no artificial flavors, no fish, no preservatives, no talc, no aspartame, no gelatin, no casein, no wheat, no gluten, no starch, no whey, no dextrose, no lactose and no sugar!

Before taking this or any over-the-counter product, it is always advisable to discuss its use with your primary care professional.

disclaimerSHOP SMART: Dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Individual results may vary. As you, with guidance from your health care professional, decide on the vitamins and dietary supplements that would be beneficiary for you, we hope that your selections include OneLifeUSA products.

Customer Reviews:

disclaimerSHOP SMART: We love hearing from our customers. Letters that mention results, symptoms, health conditions, diseases and effectiveness cannot be posted. Please let us know in general how you like our products and services. The comments posted pertain only to the customer who sent them. They should not be generalized and applied to the population at large. Individual results may vary.

Author: Beth R., Elmira, NY
Love this chorophyll product. Kudos to the Kosher!

Author: David L., Miami, FL
This stuff is great for fresh breath.

Author: Mark M., Boston, MA
Thanks for the kosher chlorophyll and kala products. Your prices are superb as well.



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