Your Skin: Use The Derm’s Favorite

Did you know retinoids are considered the gold standard when it comes to wrinkles? They are dermatologists pick and must have anti-wrinkle ingredient for skin creams.

The Only Proven Wrinkle Cream

There are so many products on the market promising to ‘erase fine lines’; ‘ to make you look 10 years younger’, even to give you “ 90% wrinkle reduction in 7 days’. How do you know which of these claims are legit and which ones were designed just to get into your pocketbook? We’re going to tell you.

Cosmeceuticals Key to Youthful Skin

Cosme.. what’s? Cosmeceuticals is a relatively new term that is fast becoming a ‘buzz’ word in the cosmetic industry. It refers not only to topical beauty products that promote ‘medicinal’ anti-aging solutions for your skin – but also to natural oral products that benefit your skin from the inside-out.

Want to Live Longer? Drink this…
In his new book, The Secrets of Longevity Cookbook, Dr. Maoshing Ni lists green tea as one of the top ten foods for health and longevity.

Best Wines For Your Health
Most likely, you have already heard much about the health benefits of drinking red wine (in moderation). The antioxidant and anti-aging properties of red wine have largely been associated with a specific compound contained primarily in the skin and seeds of the grapes. This compound, resveratrol (pronounced rez-VEHR-ah-trawl), is found in varying amounts in different types of wines. Some types of wine have more, some have less. If you’d like to drink wine with the highest amounts of resveratrol, read on to learn which wines you should be selecting and why.

Your Food Aging You?
Jeffrey Blumberg, Ph.D. of Tufts noted, ’Just because you feel you’re aging doesn’t mean it´s because you’re aging. Fact is, you may be coming up short in the vitamins department – just like millions of others who have passed the half-century mark.’

Most Requested Anti-Aging New Product
With the start of a New Year, OneLife is pleased to introduce several new products. Of those on this list, the one most requested was collagen. Why? Most likely because of its anti-aging notoriety.

Beautiful Skin - Starts Within
Learning how to take care of your skin not only from the outside but also from the inside-out will yield the most beneficial and visually obvious results.

Expert Anti-Wrinkle Advice: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Routine?
Most dermatologists and skin care experts agree on the basics of ‘fine-line-fighting’ skin care. Recently top doctors and pros were asked for their best anti-aging advice and we have narrowed it down to the five most popular. Follow their tips and you will diminish the wrinkles you already have and keep new creases at bay.
Published:Newspaper: May-Aug 2011 

The Number One Supplement
If you are only going to take one… take this one! Study after study, research report after research report; all show there is one supplement that shows true scientific promise.
Published:Newspaper: May-Aug 2011 

Anti-Oxidants= Anti-AGE’nts
In the past decade ‘anti-oxidants’ have become part of everyday vocabulary. They have, for the most part, had a positive influence on diet, supplements, and cosmetics.

Most Requested Anti-Aging New Product
OneLifeUSA is pleased to introduce several new products. Of these, the one most requested was collagen. Why? Most likely because of its anti-aging notoriety. When the body’s production of collagen slows down we can begin to see the results in the skin as it starts to wrinkle and lose its youthful radiance. It seems that after the age of about twenty collagen levels in the body start to dissipate at a rate of one to two percent a year, and by the age of forty your body’s production of it all but shuts down.
Published:Newspaper: Jan-Mar 2010 

Get Stress Free Energy! Grow Old Gracefully
No one wants to live the last decades of their life with a skeleton as fragile as glass; worried about breaking bones. We all know getting enough calcium with magnesium and vitamin D are key to helping protect our bones, but science has recently shown us more.

Disease Prevention... on a Dime
We are proud to announce a new line of products under the name “Brabec Basics”. This line of nutritional basics will be made available to all our OneLifeUSA customers at or below many company’s costs. Their low cost is made possible by our founder’s generous financial subsidies that will be applied to all of the Brabec Basics products.